Vacuuming is important

Vacuuming is the single most important thing you can do to maintain your carpet. Well all get busy, and we all neglect it from time to time. We recently had a cleaning appointment where we pre-vacuumed the carpet prior to cleaning, and this is what we found…


As you can see there was a lot of dry soil particulate. This dry soil damages the carpet over time and causes it to prematurely wear out. Soil and dirt have thousands of sharp edges that cut away the carpet fiber over time. We cannot stress enough how important vacuuming is to extend the life of your carpet in between professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming Checklist

In order for your vacuuming to be efficient there are a few things you will want to do…

  • Check Filters: If your vacuum has any filters you will want to clean them after every use, or at least regularly. This will ensure you have proper suction so the dry soil can be removed from the carpet.
  • Check Hoses: Check any hoses your vacuum may have for debris/lint/hair. This is simple to do – you can detach the hose and take it outside and flush water from your garden hose through it to remove any clogs. A metal coat hanger also helps remove any stuck debris as well.
  • Check Vacuum inlet: Underneath the vacuum near the beater bar there is a vacuum inlet port that carries the soil to the bag, or dirt cup. It tends to get clogged if larger debris is swept up, and a results loss in suction/vacuum occurs.

These three things are the most common issues with vacuums that we see. The vacuum doesn’t work properly, and many people go and buy new when it simply could just be a maintenance issue.

  • Check and Clean the beater bar: The beater bar becomes ridden with hair and lint over time. It is good to clean it periodically so that it brush off the soil from the carpet.
  • Check the power cord: For safety reasons you want to make sure there are no exposed wires or damage to the power cord. There are many cases in US every year where frayed and damage power cords cause fires. If you notice damage you will want to have it repaired, or buy a new vacuum.

As we mentioned before in our after care tips the type of vacuum isn’t as important as to actually doing it regularly. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum common living areas 2-4 times a week depending on use, and amount of people living in your home. Living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and bedroom entry ways are what we consider to be common living areas. Studies have proven that regular vacuuming of your carpet will extend the life of it by 30-60%. The normal life expectancy of carpet we’ve experienced is 6-8 years, but we have clients with carpet 12-15 years old, and it is still in good or great condition.


Remember to have you carpet cleaned every 12-18 months as the manufacturer recommends. Some of clients require carpet cleaning every 6 months because of the amount of use. Please call us at 717-242-5699 or email us here on our contact page.