What to Look For When Choosing Carpet

Choosing carpet and any other flooring in your home can be quite the task. There is always the internal conflict between what goes with what is already there, what you want, and price. To the consumer – they often do not know what they need and rely on the carpet salesman to help determine that. Now most of the carpet salesman will steer you in the right direction, but often there is conflict between what the product brochure says and what is reality.

Quality over Price

The old saying, “You get what you pay for” is almost always true – especially when it comes to carpet or flooring. Flooring and furnishing your home is one of the bigger investments you will make in your life. You want that investment to last so that you can get all of the joy and comfort out of it that you can. We already spoke about vacuuming your carpet as being the best thing you can do for your carpet besides having it cleaned professionally regularly. The next best thing you can do for your carpet is to choose the best carpet you.

Quality Carpets

The most popular two names in the carpet manufacturer world are Shaw and Mohawk and they both make great products. Carpet comes in many different fiber types: wool, polypropylene(olefin), polyester(PET & PTT carpet), acrylic(popular in the 60’s and 70’s), soft nylon, and nylon. Out of those fiber types mentioned, nylon and soft nylon are always a great choice. The reason why nylon is always a good choice is for a few reasons: 1) Nylon resists wear and tear better as the fiber holds it retention and doesn’t become matted down as quickly as other fiber types. 2) Most if not all nylon carpet comes with a protective property already applied to the carpet. The manufacturer applies a fluorocarbon or fluorochemical product to the carpet while it is being made. This protective property aides in the carpet’s ability to resist staining from liquids and doesn’t allow soils to attach easily to cause premature wear. 3) Nylon carpet can be recycled.

How to Make Your Carpet Last

We have already told you that vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning can dramatically make your carpet last longer. We cannot stress enough how choosing the right one for you will help as well. If you have a somewhat large family, 2 adults, a few children, and pets – we highly recommend you choose a nylon carpet. We are still cleaning nylon carpets that are 11-20 years old and that is impressive as the average life expectancy of carpet is 6-9 years before needing replaced. PET or PTT carpet is also said to be great for larger families with children and animals in the home. However those types of carpets are somewhat newer in the market, and we are still waiting for the jury decision on that to see if they can hold up as well has nylon has for decades now.