Carpet Cleaning & Going to the Dentist

We love to talk or preach to our clients on the importance of carpet maintenance. We try out best not to get too technical otherwise our clients look like a deer in a head light. So we have came up with the perfect analogy of how carpet cleaning is like going to the dentist – just less painful! Now stay with us we promise we’re not crazy!

From an early age our parents and our dentist tell us over and over again how important brushing our teeth and flossing is. Brushing and flossing is to teeth is what vacuuming and proper spotting is to carpet. If we brush and floss our teeth regularly when we go to the dentist it is a lot easier for the dentist to clean our teeth so we have a great smile. If we don’t brush and floss regularly then we have to deal with cavities and other often painful procedures to help save the tooth or teeth.

If you vacuum your carpet regularly it will help immensely on making your carpet last longer. You want to remove as much soil as you can within your carpet so that it doesn’t permanently damage it. There is a general rule of thumb that we like to tell our clients and that is, for every person in the home, that is how many times a week you want to vacuum your common areas where all of you convene most. We can assure you that if you follow this rule of thumb it will help your carpet last longer. Even though you are maintaining your carpet you still need a professional to come deep clean it to remove the soils and any spots you weren’t able to remove yourself. We recommend having your carpet cleaned annually and for those with 4 or more in their home we even suggest having the traffic lanes cleaned twice a year.

Next, let’s talk about carpet and fabric protection – yes there is another dentist analogy coming up we know you were waiting for it. When you’re a child and you go to the dentist, after you have your teeth cleaned the dentist will put on a fluoride treatment. This treatment is meant to protect your teeth and the help your teeth from staining so that food and beverage stains come off easier when brushing. We offer Scotchgard for our carpet and fabric protection. Scotchgard is made of a fluorochemical that fills the empty dye sites within a carpet to stop liquids and soiling from binding to those areas. Now notice fluoride and fluorochemical both are similar and that is because the same concept for your teeth applies to your carpet. That is why we always recommend to having Scotchgard applied after your carpet cleaning because it really helps. It improves your vacuuming while making the soil easier to remove and helps to prevent staining from liquids.

We know our analogy is a bit silly but when you think about it there are A LOT of similarities. We appreciate you reading and we hope that we have better educated you on why maintaining your carpet is so very important. We love seeing all of our clients regularly but we also want to help protect your textile investments and your homes that you work hard to have and keep.